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Product code: 85BAH6K1
Packaging: 6 x 1 kg
Net weight: 17 - 20 g
Cases / EUR-pallet: 99 (11 x 9)

The Jala Bite is a crunchy snack filled with cream cheese and a slice of jalapeño pepper. Very tasty with a drink or as a side dish.

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About avocado

Historic story of avocado & guacamole 

During an archeologic investigation in a cave in the region of Tehucan (Mexico), in the state of Puebla, the archaeologist Richard McNeish and a team of experts found that the earliest native inhabitants of these areas ate avocado, because they found seeds of avocado dating from 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. The word ‘avocado’ came from the dialect náhuatl “ahuácatl”, that means testicle, referring to the shape of the fruit.

Guacamole is more than just a mix of tomato and green lime juice. Guacamole is a lifestyle. You share guacamole with friends and have a good time. With guacamole you enjoy life and live healthily. Guacamole is our business. Due to many years of experience, we became the expert. Some people call guacamole a sauce, but it is not, it is GUACAMOLE!

In conclusion: Many people eat guacamole with ingredients they like. There is not a law or standard for guacamole but we have the best and most innovative recipes for you.

Salud Foodgroup Europe is your number 1 supplier in Europe for frozen avocado products and guacamole: AbSALUD the Best! 

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