Deforestation: how do we deal with it?Cupanda bewerkt 2

  • We only collaborate with known growers and plants.
  • We keep demanding and checking that our partners do things right, so we can guarantee sustainability from farm to table.
  • In Mexico authorities have restricted the avocado orchards in forest areas.
  • In the south of Mexico special programs have been started up to plant avocado trees back where forest has been damaged.




Reservoir La Libertad Peru

Water usage: how do we operate?

  • By using smart water techniques, water is used in its most efficient way.
  • In Mexico 90% of the water comes from rain. In our area the rainfall is 1000 to 2000 mm. We have more water than we use.
  • In Northern Peru water comes from the Andes. Together with the rainwater, it gets collected in reservoirs so it can be used for irrigation.
  • In Peru these 4 desert valleys became avocado orchard thanks to the CHAVIMOCHIC project
    • Chao
    • Viru
    • Moche
    • Chicama

Corporate social responsibility: how do we take our responsibility?

Pedro and Annette in production facility

  • Stable and year-round salary for both employer and employee on avocado plants and production facilities.
  • Safe and eco-friendly working conditions due to social certifications that growers must complete (yearly social audits).
  • Our growers are highly against child labour.
  • Our growers receive technical support to use chemicals in the fields in a safe and efficient way.
  • We are highly promoting fair trade.
  • Our growers provide their employees:
    •     Housing
    •     Bus transportation when they live in nearby villages
    •     Sport facilities
    •     Access to medical clinics
    •     Primary schools
    •     Education material