There is a heart beating in the small town of Morelia in Mexico, with a passion to make your dinner memorable. That heart belongs to Pedro. His family has been saving secret recipes for generations. Pedro wants us to experience the pure taste of Mexico and would like to share these recipes with the rest of the world.

Fresh ingredients and beloved people make a dinner complete for Pedro. We hope that you will create beautiful memories after trying one of his recipes and that you will like the product as much as we do and of course Pedro himself.

This is a dedication to Pedro, a man born in the 60’s in Mexico, committed to working his whole life with good tasty food. Pedro, his wife and two sons are often the host of barbecues and love to share great moments together. With a university degree and a passion for fresh Mexican products, he has taken the family recipes and made them available to all of us.

Pedro supervises every single part of the production. He makes sure that love and respect towards the ingredients are a part of the whole chain.

We are proud to present this man who wants nothing more than to create memorable moments at the dinner table. Pedro, the man who gave us the taste of Mexico!