"No need to wait for the right season" 

Known as the Queen of tropical fruits, mangos are more common than apples in more than half the world. Mangos are one of nature’s most versatile fruits. The mango is grown in Central and South America, carefully selected to guarantee supreme flavour after thawing. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the fruit doesn’t contain any preservatives, cholesterol or trans fatty acids.

Our sugared Strawberries are available in a handy 2 kg tub. Once thawed, the strawberries can be used in many various ways, mixed with other fruits or blended to make a delicious smoothie or dessert. 

Product code: 99STRAW4K2
Packaging: 4 x 2 kg
Net weight: 8 kg
Cases / EUR-pallet: 66 (11 x 6)

Sugared Strawberries.

Product code: 65MAN6K1
Packaging: 6 x 1 kg
Net weight: 6 kg
Cases / EUR-pallet: 90 (10 x 9)

Top quality mango chunks. Quickly frozen to keep their flavour, structure and colour.