How we make an impact

For Salud Foodgroup Europe, sustainable entrepreneurship is not an objective or a business model. It is for us what really matters, what is reflected in everything we do. It defines the future of our company.

It is not easy to do what is best for people, the environment and society. It's hard work and it starts with ourselves. Getting big results starts with taking small steps. And that is exactly what we do at Salud. Working step by step towards a better world.

It is our mission to provide healthy and tasty food all year round, always aiming for the best for people and the planet. Now and in the future. It is the starting point of our sustainability strategy. Moreover, we are a proud partner of Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV). SIFAV is a covenant that actively contributes to a more sustainable supply chain of fruit and vegetables with regard to economic, environmental and social impacts, with the aim of creating impact on a large scale.

I am extremely proud to lead this innovative company, inspired by the passion of all our people at home and abroad. Together we look forward to continuing to make steps to reduce our ecological footprint.

Ruud Meijer
CEO Salud Foodgroup Europe


Onze activiteiten hebben effect op mens, maatschappij en omgeving. Daarvoor nemen we onze sociale en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid. Een ecologisch duurzame werkwijze is altijd ons uitgangspunt. Met onze activiteiten willen we bijdragen aan het welzijn van de lokale samenleving in Mexico en Peru en een positieve sociale en ecologische impact maken op de wereld van vandaag en morgen.