As proud partner of SIFAV we adopted a two-fold actionable approach in our 2025 agenda that is based on the broadly supported concept of water stewardship and is tailored to the position of the SIFAV partners as avocado buyer for the European consumer market:

- In all sourcing regions with high water risk: contribute to optimizing on-farm water management by working with suppliers to implement Good Water Management Standards – to at least 70% of sourced volume by 2025; this is a typical first step of a credible water stewardship response.

- Engage more deeply and collaboratively with our producers with the aim to positively contribute to resilience and sustainability. This deeper involvement will provide valuable insights for SIFAV, Salud Foodgroup Europe and its partners about the effectiveness of different approaches that can be scaled up across sourcing areas around the globe.

Project Ica, Peru

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Onze activiteiten hebben effect op mens, maatschappij en omgeving. Daarvoor nemen we onze sociale en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid. Een ecologisch duurzame werkwijze is altijd ons uitgangspunt. Met onze activiteiten willen we bijdragen aan het welzijn van de lokale samenleving in Mexico en Peru en een positieve sociale en ecologische impact maken op de wereld van vandaag en morgen.