How we make an impact

There are, in my view, two ways to deal with the current ongoing ecological crisis. The soft way: raising awareness of human-caused climate change, and then integrating sustainability into everyday life and business processes. And 'the hard way': facing the increasing number of climate disasters such as floods, extreme droughts and hurricanes. The no way back panic way. It is no longer a discussion about when, but about how we deal with the life-threatening consequences of the climate crisis.

At Salud Foodgroup Europe we opt for the soft way. We are working hard to integrate CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, into our entire business. From supply chain to sales and from research & development to quality, we are always looking for the best ways to implement CSR at the heart of the business. Because, in addition to national governments and local authorities, companies and enterprises bear a great deal of responsibility.

Salud continues to critically assess important topics such as sourcing under verified social standards, social equity, gender balance, environmental stewardship, responsible sourcing and stakeholder engagement. What can be done better? How are we going to do that? It characterizes the relationship between Salud as an organization and the society around it. In everything we do, we consider the needs of our stakeholders as employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

We often talk about saving the earth. But the earth will survive. In fact, without humanity, nature will grow and prosper. Just think of the clean skies during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the Chernobyl disaster, where 30 years later, wildlife enriches the forests and environments where people had to leave their homes. But if we ignore Mother Nature's voice, she will bring us down.

The CSR strategy that we have developed within Salud focuses on the soft way idea. Together with initiatives such as SIFAV, we have further developed, improved and translated the sustainable vision of our company into a concrete approach. For a soft way approach with a powerful result.

Elise van Wanrooij
CSR manager


Onze activiteiten hebben effect op mens, maatschappij en omgeving. Daarvoor nemen we onze sociale en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid. Een ecologisch duurzame werkwijze is altijd ons uitgangspunt. Met onze activiteiten willen we bijdragen aan het welzijn van de lokale samenleving in Mexico en Peru en een positieve sociale en ecologische impact maken op de wereld van vandaag en morgen.