At Salud Foodgroup Europe, we feel responsible for the world around us. For current and future generations. We therefore believe it is important that the products we sell are produced and distributed with consideration for people, animals and the environment.

We produce and distribute more than a hundred different avocado products. Products produced and grown in Mexico and sold around the world. That comes with responsibilities. We realise that we have a responsibility for how our products are produced and their impact on the environment.


It is important for us to carefully manage the risks associated with our business operations. With our due diligence approach, which aligns with upcoming EU legislation, we identify potentially negative impacts on humans, animals and the environment within the entire supply chain. This enables us to take more targeted action. We do this individually and collectively (as SIFAV members, for example).

Our due diligence approach is an ongoing, cyclical process rooted in our company's core business that is constantly being honed.

OECD guidelines for due diligence

SIFAV, together with the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH, developed a practical due diligence manual that builds on the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. The OECD guidelines provide guidance for dealing with issues such as supply chain responsibility, human rights, child labour, the environment and corruption. Salud Foodgroup Europe uses SIFAV's due diligence manual as a starting point for expanding and tightening due diligence processes within the company.

Our commitments

Our activities affect people, society and the environment. For this, we accept our social and societal responsibility. An ecologically sustainable approach is always our starting point. Through our activities, we want to contribute to the welfare of local communities in Mexico and Peru and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world of today and tomorrow.