At Salud Foodgroup Europe, we believe that working together is the key to a more sustainable society. Both within our supply chain and with other companies and non-profit organisations, we work together to achieve more sustainable solutions faster and smarter. Because together we achieve more.


Since 2022, we have been a member of the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV). This is an initiative founded and coordinated in the Netherlands by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative. SIFAV's mission is to achieve 100% sustainable trade of fruit and vegetables from Africa, Asia and South America. SIFAV and its partners commit to creating large-scale impact by aligning policies, objectives and joint actions within sectors, including the avocado chain.

SIFAV's 2025 programme strategy focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of all members of the supply chain and having a positive impact on salient issues, working conditions and living wages.


Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a non-profit members' organisation dedicated to sustainable business. Sedex's mission is to provide data-driven insights, tools and services to help companies continuously improve their environmental, social and governance results. We work with Sedex to better assess our producers and suppliers.


With its global compliance platform, Agriplace develops solutions for farmers around the world to help them produce safely and sustainably. Through digital transformation and the power of connection, Agriplace helps make agricultural compliance simple and affordable for sellers and buyers worldwide. Together with its rapidly growing network, Agriplace ensures efficient and secure compliance management from farm to fork.

Because Salud Foodgroup Europe is a member of SIFAV, Agriplace has developed a reliable sustainability risk tool on which to build our partners' due diligence risk assessment. We also use Agriplace's compliance platform to help our buyers and our quality and sustainability department collect, manage and share quality- and sustainability-related information from our suppliers.

Earthworm Foundation

Earthworm Foundation is a global non-profit organisation that works with its members and partners to make value chains an engine of prosperity for communities as well as ecosystems. Earthworm Foundation's mission is to positively impact the relationship between people and nature.

Because most of Earthworm Foundation's staff operate on the ground where the issues are, they can work directly on scalable and practical solutions for people and nature. They create, scale and test new ways of producing and doing business directly in the field.

We work with Earthworm Foundation and our suppliers on concrete solutions to the social and ecological challenges our producers are facing.

Our commitments

Our activities affect people, society and the environment. For this, we accept our social and societal responsibility. An ecologically sustainable approach is always our starting point. Through our activities, we want to contribute to the welfare of local communities in Mexico and Peru and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world of today and tomorrow.