Not everyone can count on having access to good, nutritious food. For people in poverty, being able to buy enough healthy food is often a struggle. At Salud Foodgroup Europe, we believe that everyone should have access to good nutrition.

So we are helping by donating the products displayed at our stand during (international) trade shows. Visitors to the show can sample our products, and occasionally, some are left over afterwards. So we donate what is left to local food banks wherever the show takes place, for example, in France, Germany, or Spain.

This is a great way of helping food banks, and it also reduces food waste. Good for people and good for the environment too.

Our commitments

Our activities impact people, society, and the environment across the entire value chain. We embrace our social and societal responsibility with an ecologically sustainable approach as our foundation. Our goal is to contribute to the welfare of local communities and create a positive social and environmental impact globally, both now and in the future.