By providing a safe place for bats, we support biodiversity around our headquarters. Installing bat boxes is a simple yet effective way to contribute to nature conservation and promote a healthy living environment for both humans and animals.

Bats are an important part of many ecosystems, and their presence contributes to a healthy and diverse nature.

Did you know:

  • Insect control: Bats eat enormous amounts of insects, including harmful agricultural pests like moths, beetles, and mosquitoes.
  • Food chain: Bats are an essential part of the food chain. They serve as prey for various predators such as owls, hawks, and snakes, playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.
  • Pollination: Some species of bats are important pollinators of plants, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. They help pollinate fruit trees like mangoes and avocados, as well as flowers that are not visited by other animals during the day.
  • Seed dispersal: Bats help disperse seeds of many plant species. This is especially important in rainforests, where bats contribute to reforestation and the spread of rare plant species.

Our commitments

Our activities impact people, society, and the environment across the entire value chain. We embrace our social and societal responsibility with an ecologically sustainable approach as our foundation. Our goal is to contribute to the welfare of local communities and create a positive social and environmental impact globally, both now and in the future.