Salud Foodgroup has been working with a cooperative organisation in Mexico since 2012. Together, the 300 farmers affiliated with this social enterprise have stronger bargaining power. The common economic, social and cultural needs of the farmers and their communities are always paramount.

This collaboration creates many new job opportunities. Over 17,000 employees now work in the supply chain under global social standard conditions. We are proud of that.

Salud Foodgroup Europe is vehemently against child labour and slavery in any form and monitors this thoroughly. We keep a close eye on the social audits conducted at our producers. We also have employees working on site where they visit the producers at least once a year and stringently check for possible abuses.


Our ambition always and everywhere is to act with respect for human rights, the interests of our employees and the laws and regulations of every country and region in which we operate. Our goal is that by 2025, at least 90% of our supplies from high-risk countries will come from producers with globally accepted social certification.

We also want to create strong ties with the communities of our avocado producers in Mexico and Peru. In addition, we want to contribute to environmental conservation, educational support and partnerships with the local community in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, where our headquarters are located. One concrete example is the Bee-odiversity project, a joint initiative with the Oosterhout Beekeepers Guild.

We believe it is important that employees and their families in our supply chain can afford adequate accommodation, food, education and other necessities with their income. In our living wage survey, we examine wage transparency and how to address any living wage shortfalls.

Our commitments

Our activities affect people, society and the environment. For this, we accept our social and societal responsibility. An ecologically sustainable approach is always our starting point. Through our activities, we want to contribute to the welfare of local communities in Mexico and Peru and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world of today and tomorrow.