Salud Foodgroup Europe B.V. (Salud) was founded in 1995 in the Netherlands. We serve our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin-America and Oceania from our head-office in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. The departments of Quality, Supply Chain, Research and Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT can be found here.

We produce and distribute frozen avocado products, appetizers, tortillas and tropical fruit. These product categories also represent the colours green, orange, red and yellow in our logo. The name ‘Salud’ derives from the Spanish expression of good wishes for a good health. Avocados are, and have been, our main product category. We like to promote and inspire using avocados in all kinds of dishes, since they are a great addition to your health and menu. Thereby we offer the solution to be able to use the same quality of Hass avocados throughout the entire year, for foodservice, retail or industry, by using frozen avocado products, ripened to perfection.

We innovate with our avocado products by not only using them as IQF avocados or in our guacamoles, but also by using them in our other product categories. For example in an avocado tortilla or as a fried avocado appetizer. We prioritize serving our customers the best quality appetizers, which is why our R&D Department spends a lot of time in our test kitchen at the head-office. Here we create, optimize and innovate our appetizers, and where we develop your custom-made products.

We invite you to take a look at our product list and get inspired.