How we make an impact

Since the start of our company in 1995, Salud foodgroup europe has invested significantly in providing improvements for all its people, environments, and societies in all parts of the world where the company is active.

Together with our partners, we recognize our responsibility to reduce our global footprint through improvements of the supply chain going from field to fork and thus create a better future for the next generations.

We work to accomplish these objectives through advanced sustainability practices that will protect the earths resources and subsequently improve and support the health and safety of our people.

Being a sustainable company in practice isn’t one or two things. It’s everything we do, it’s the future of our company!

Ruud Meijer CEO
Salud Foodgroup Europe

We are always looking for the best ways to implement CSR at the heart of the business.

Elise van Wanrooij
Quality & Sustainability Manager

Our commitments

Our activities impact people, society, and the environment across the entire value chain. We embrace our social and societal responsibility with an ecologically sustainable approach as our foundation. Our goal is to contribute to the welfare of local communities and create a positive social and environmental impact globally, both now and in the future.