Freshly frozen, convenient, no wastage, time-saving, ripe and delicious: Salud IQF (individual Quick Frozen) avocado products. Made of the well-known and famous Hass avocado.

We cut the perfectly ripened avocados into dices, slices, cuts and halves, deep-freeze them immediately and pack them in handy 500-gram packs. Forget the hassle of peeling and de-stoning Simply defrost your product and enjoy preparing your favourite dish.

Our IQF avocados are available in different shapes and sizes and applicable on various dishes. Want to top off a salad? Make a smoothie? Make guacamole or make your pasta sauce extra smooth? Use our Avocado dices or cuts.

Choose our Avocado slices to put in your favourite wrap, to make avocado fries or as a base for your sandwich.

Or do you love making avocado rosettes in your sushi bowl, or just as decoration? Have a look at our Avocado halves! They are also perfect to make an Avocado burger, or to use as a bowl for a salmon salad.