How we make an impact

At Salud Foodgroup Europe we believe that we can create a better world together and that each person or entity has the ability, as well as the responsibility, to make a difference.
We see it as our mission to provide, healthy, convenient, and sustainable food products in all markets where we operate. Products that have been proudly produced by our employees in a sustainable way, with respect to the earth’s resources and with optimal ethical supply chain solutions.

Salud Foodgroup has joined SIFAV, an organization that actively contributes to sustainable supply chains in fruit and vegetables, with a main focus on economical, ecological and social improvements.

Although Salud Foodgroup has been focusing on its corporate social responsibility from the incorporation of the company in 1995, we, and all our stake-holders, are more determined than ever to make a positive impact for the world and for its future generations.

Ruud Meijer
CEO Salud Foodgroup Europe

Our commitments

Our activities affect people, society and the environment. For this, we accept our social and societal responsibility. An ecologically sustainable approach is always our starting point. Through our activities, we want to contribute to the welfare of local communities in Mexico and Peru and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world of today and tomorrow.