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All our guacamole, packed on our new generation Multivac machine, meet the highest quality requirements for customer safety. We pack our avocado products under high pressure and we use high barrier foil. This means we use less/no preservatives (HPP) and no oxygen can penetrate the product (high barrier foil), which prevents browning. Our machine can pack different shapes and different weights from 30 gram to a maximum of 900 grams. We can process any desired recipe.

The HPP treatment results in the following benefits:

  • It's keeping the fresh-like taste of a home-made product
  • Nutritional quality is preserved
  • In freezer our products can be kept for up to 2 years at -18°C
  • In refrigerator our bags and tubs can be kept chilled unopened for up to 40 days at max 7°C


  • Year-round availability of pure, fresh Guacamole and Pulp
  • A longer lifespan ensures less waste
SHAPE Minimum Maximum
sachet 30 g 100 g
rectangle 200 g 900 g
squeeze 80 g 350 g
square 80 g 350 g


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