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Under pressure great things can happen!

Our unique 'High Pressure Processing' treatment is a non-thermal food processing technology that extends shelf life without affecting the flavour profile, texture, functionality, fresh taste and appearance of our Guacamoles and Pulp with the use of no/ very few preservatives.

The HPP treatment results in the following benefits to our Guacamoles and Pulp:

  • It's keeping the fresh-like taste of a home-made product
  • Nutritional quality is preserved
  • In freezer our products can be kept for up to 2 years at -18°C
  • In refrigerator our bags and tubs can be kept chilled unopened for up to 45 days at max 7°C

What is in it for you?

  • Year-round availability of pure, fresh Guacamole and Pulp
  • A longer lifespan ensures less waste

Available in various packaging units:

        Tubs:                                   Bags:
         - Square 200 gram             - 3000 gram
         - Round 200 gram              - 1000 gram
         - Round 150 gram              - 500 gram
         - Round 100 gram              - 250 gram
         - Round 50 gram                - 50 gram

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    HPP processing

    Under pressure great things can happen!  ...  

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