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    Salud - Avocado products

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At a time when a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important for the consumer, Salud brings new, tasty, responsible products on the market.

In addition to the bio pulp, we deliver clean label products: 100% natural, no additives. The product is packaged in nitrogen gas flushed bags and High Pressure treated.




  • HPP processing

    HPP processing

    Under pressure Great things can happen!  ...  

  • Organic / Bio

    Organic / Bio

    The future is more and more Organic & Bio  ...  

  • HASS Avocado

    HASS Avocado

    The variety Hass avocado originated in Mexico and is a soft, creamy  ...

  • Clean Label

    Clean Label

    At a time when healthy life for the consumer is becoming ...