• Ingredients:
    1. Salud (avocado or wheat) tortilla 30 cm 
    2. lettuce
    3. Salud avocado dices
    4. Cilantro
    5. Corn (fresh or canned)
    6. Red Onion
    7. Cucumber
    8. Lime juice
    9. (Cherry) tomatoes
    10. Yogurt
    11. Oliveoil
    12. Pepper
    13. Salt
  • Lunch/dinner
  1. Dice all the ingredients. 
  2. Heat the tortilla very briefly (frying pan or oven/microwave) so that it gains more flavour and structure. 
  3. Spread it with yoghurt. 
  4. Make a mixed salad from all the other ingredients and season it with olive oil, pepper and salt. 
  5. Fill the tortilla with the mixed salad and finally add some freshly chopped coriander.
  6. Roll up the tortilla and cut in 2 halves.

Always tasty with Salud guacamole dip