• Ingredients:
    • 2 slices of white bread (per portion)
    • 1  boiled egg 
    • butter
    • Salud avocado slices
    • fresh herbs
    • Salt
    • Pepper 
    • Olive oil
  • Lunch
  1. Toast the bread slices in a toaster.
  2. Boil an egg for 6 minutes in boiling water, then rinse the egg immediately with cold water. 
  3. Spread the toast with butter and lay the avocado slices on top.
  4. Season with some salt and pepper. 
  5. Peel the egg and place it on the avocado slices.
  6. As a finishing touch, sprinkle with freshly chopped herbs and drizzle some olive oil. 
Tip: Do not cut the egg until the very last moment, the yolk of a 6 minute-egg will then run nicely over the slices.